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Kefir Options

If you are looking at supplementing your daily diet with kefir whether it is in the form of including a kefir drink or a kefir food in your meals, chances are that you will go the way of finding a kefir drink or food that suits your requirement, at your local store. The other options …

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Kefir Supplemented Diet

Though kefir has been a rather popular beverage since the pre-medieval era in regions around the Caucasian mountains including east Europe, west Asia and Russia, it’s popularity almost entirely remained in that region. Other foods from the region such as hummus, olives, kebabs etc found their way into the western menu but kefir stayed away …

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Long before refrigeration, humans used fermentation to keep foods from going bad. Fermented foods like wine, cheese, pickles, and sourdough, sauerkraut, not only kept well, but the same bacteria that caused fermentation in the first place also helped the body to assimilate and use them. Eating fermented foods is good for you! Our digestive systems …

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Kefir and Bacteria

Do you know that our body is an ecosystem inhabited by more than 1000 different species of microorganisms? Oh my! I am so happy we don’t see them! I can’t barely stand a little ant crawling in my backyard, so I can’t imagine millions of little creepy bacteria moving around inside my body! yikes! Daunting… …

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Lactose and Kefir

Being lactose intolerant won’t kill us, but it can make us very uncomfortable! It can happen to just about anybody, and it can come on at any time. We enjoy a small dish of ice cream, eat a grilled cheese sandwich, or have a bowl of cream soup and half an hour later, our stomach …

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