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Kefir Options

If you are looking at supplementing your daily diet with kefir whether it is in the form of including a kefir drink or a kefir food in your meals, chances are that you will go the way of finding a kefir drink or food that suits your requirement, at your local store. The other options …

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superfoods - teff, freekeh, macca

All Things Good: Who Is Eating What Going beyond what is currently popular in the health ( natural and organic) foods in the United States, there are super foods hailing from different parts of the world, some as far distant as the Middle Eastern cultures and from eastern Africa. Some are grown and consumed as …

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Kefir Supplemented Diet

Though kefir has been a rather popular beverage since the pre-medieval era in regions around the Caucasian mountains including east Europe, west Asia and Russia, it’s popularity almost entirely remained in that region. Other foods from the region such as hummus, olives, kebabs etc found their way into the western menu but kefir stayed away …

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