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Long before refrigeration, humans used fermentation to keep foods from going bad. Fermented foods like wine, cheese, pickles, and sourdough, sauerkraut, not only kept well, but the same bacteria that caused fermentation in the first place also helped the body to assimilate and use them. Eating fermented foods is good for you! Our digestive systems are home to literally billions of bacteria. And that is a good thing.

Bacteria help us digest our food, keep our intestinal flora healthy, they also support our immune systems. We’d be a miserable mess without them. And when changes in diet, travel, or stress affect the number of beneficial organism in our digestive tracts, fermented food or a probiotic can help.

Over the course of the last century however, traditional fermented foods disappeared off the shelves making room for more pasteurized and processed foods, resulting in a dead-on-arrival food supply, stripped of the live bacteria the body needs to stay in balance. Here are famous fermented food that you might consider including in your diet:

1. Kefir: Fermented Milk drink

2. Kombucha: Fermented Tea

3. SauerKraut: Fermented Cabbage

4. Pickles

5. Miso and Tempeh: Fermented Soybeans

6. Lait Ribot: Fermented Milk

Not only do they provide a healthy dose of probiotic but they also taste good. They are many fermented food recipes available online (water kefir, yoghurt, pickles…), but it is not always easy to make them at home. If you find the taste of these fermented food unpleasant, can’t take dairy or are looking for a substitute, add KEFIRAN to your daily diet and enjoy the benefits of the traditional fermented food for healthy digestion, intestinal health and overall well-being*.

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